Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Living with RA!

Greetings! This particular blog may be a continuum. My hope is for others living with or whom know someone living with RA to use this particular blog as another means inwhich to communicate. I am an RA newbie. I am being very proactive and desiring to learn all I can about this disorder, how it will affect me, my family, friends and all others close to me.
I am astounded by the millions of Americans (not excluding my fellow international bloggers) currently diagnosed and living with RA. 23.5 million Americans have RA, lupus, sarcoidosis or some other autoimmune disorder. There exists no known cause (yes, there are theories), there are treatments, thankfully, however, there is no cure. Furthermore, there exists no tracking system of autoimmune disorders, as is with cancer.
Currently, approximately 9 million Americans have been diagnosed with some form of cancer. ALL of these cases are tracked on a reporting system with the National Institutes of Health and other agencies. Current research also points to a probable link between the high diagnosis rate of autoimmune disorders and the toxins being poured into our environment. (Hmmm)! I digress.
I welcome all of you to my little corner of the blogging world. So, please grab a coffee or whatever your favorite drink (cheers), relax and blog away at The Blogger Cafe.
I bid you peace!

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