Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Seasons Greetings!

Happy Holidays everyone. Wow! How this month has flown by. As I am certain all of you have been hustling and bustling hither and yon preparing for the holidays, so have the Osburns. All the while, I am keeping myself active while silently fighting my RA monster. Although I have had several days of pain and fatigue, I remain in the Holiday spirit.
I absolutely enjoy this time of year. The music, the holiday decor, the egg nog, more egg nog...I digress. I am not one to make resolutions, however, I, here and now, intend to increase my presence on this blog. It is my
Christmas wish for all of you to enjoy a blessed holiday and may Santa bring all of you many gifts. Most importantly, may the Spirit of the season bring ALL of us Peace!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours. May your day be filled with warmth, love and lots of laughter. :o)