Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Coping day-to-day with RA!

I am certain if everyone with RA in America (and, our numbers are high) were asked, " How do you cope with the pain of RA from day-to-day?", one would receive millions (literally) of different answers. I'm sure everyone would reply by stating they take their medication regularly as prescribed by their rheumatologist. Same goes here. I try to keep a positive, mental outlook. I do what I can around the house each day. Housework also keeps me busy, which keeps me active, which takes my mind off of my RA.
I enjoy reading and writing (which, I have been doing more of), playing music and spending time with my family. I stay mindful the events of the past 2 years have not only affected me, but, everyone around me; my family and my friends.
I am definitely learning how to live this new life. Lately, I have found myself a bit pissed off. I want to do certain things as I had before. On my own and at a quicker pace. Not happening now. I have been exercising again for awhile now. My workouts now are not as intense as they once were-with intense cardio and resistance training. My pace is a bit slower, but hey, it's working for me right now.
The pain differs from each day. Some mornings are brutal, especially if I have been very active the day before. Maybe, this where I am still learning and coping with my RA.
I would love to hear from others how they are coping with RA. Peace!


  1. Welcome to the RA blogosphere, td! Blogging and reaching out to others with rheuma and other forms of arthritis is a wonderful way to learn and talk to people who understand what you're going through. I look forward to reading more of what you write as time goes by.

  2. Thank you Wren. I am seeing everyday how many people are affected by RA and other autoimmune disorders. It is really sad. I hope everyone whom is affected or whom knows someone affected by RA and other autoimmune disorders will help spread awareness.
    Once again, thank you Wren. Please tell those you know of this blog. Thank you.

    ~ Tim ~