Sunday, October 17, 2010

Recapping Saturday night!

I wanted to recap a wonderful evening out with my wife and son. We ventured out to our favorite area of Louisville, Ky. The Highlands. A place where one can stroll for many blocks and window shop, get some ink at one of a few tattoo parlors, eat fine food, visit a local pub or nightclub. A place known for the eccentric and the eclectic. A very laidback environment really. And, not to mention, a few of my local musician friends call this area home.
The Highlands is also steeped in its own history; some of it to be haunted. We went to a popular, local haunted house this fine Saturday evening. The Baxter Avenue Morgue. This historic building was once a family-owned funeral home/mortuary for many years. The morgue was operated in the basement. Due to
many reported strange happenings and disappearances of locals during the early 20th century, the funeral home lost considerable business. The building eventually became vacant.
This building has been a haunted house attraction for many years. This night was also my sons' first haunted house experience. The line moved rather quickly despite the huge early crowd. Our turn to enter, and the mayhem began. I am not easily frightened, so, I must say, I was truly spooked at points along the tour. A damn fine job by the spooks and all involved.
The whole point here, I had a very tough day early on Saturday. I was determined to control my monster and have fun on Saturday night. I did. RA lost out yet again.
Might I add, the Louisville Paranormal Investigators have concluded Baxter Avenue Morgue is indeed, truly haunted. Muahahahahahahaha!!!!

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  1. What fun! I haven't been to a haunted house since I was a teenager--and played one of the "haunts!" It's such fun for kids, and if their parents are around as protectors and to offer reassurance, visiting those scary places can be the makings of some terrific memories. I'm glad you won out over the rheuma again. GOOD for you!

    P.S.: Also, I'm curious. What genre of music do you play? What instrument/s?